Just Clowning Around
Crazy Dani

Hi! I am Crazy Dani the clown. I have bundles of energy and sure know how to make any party, big or small FUN FOR ALL! I love entertaining the children with my fun and games, and I even get the big kids involved. Invite me to your next event to make your guests go Crazy with the one and only... CRAZY DANI!


Hi! I'm Giggles the clown and I'll help make all your guests laugh from all the FUN! My games, dancing, painting, and balloons, will keep all your guests in tune. I am lovable and fun, when I am entertaining, children and the adults will never want the party to be done!!!


Hi! I am Jelly Bean the clown and clowning is what I do best! I love to dance and play with the childen but my favorite thing to do is face paint and balloon making! Have me at your next event to have your guests "experience the rainbow" with JELLY BEAN!


Hi! I am Bunny Boo the clown and just like my name, I am cute and loveable as can be! The children love when I play games and dance with them, but let’s not forget face painting and balloons too! I am a special education teacher who loves to perform so entertaining comes natural to me! I love clowning around and spreading lots of love to everyone!


Hi, they call me Lollipop the clown. I am just as sweet and as yummy as my name! All your guests will have a blast with me, have me as your clown and you will see! I am loud and crazy which makes me the best, after the kids play all my fun games and dancing, they will need a rest! That’s not all, I do face painting and balloons too, there’s not much this clown can’t do! I’ll be ready to party so give us a call, with Lolipop the clown everyone will have a ball!


Hi! They call me TyeDye the clown, invite me to your party and I’ll have all your guests jumping up and down! I am full of colors and spunk to make your party one noone will ever forget, with my games, dancing, face painting and balloons your party will be set! My tyedyed colors will make your party bright, I will rock your party with all my might! Invite me to your party because I care, an entertainer like me is truly rare!


Hi, they call me Dimples, and just like my name I am lovable and huggable. The kids will love me right from the start, because clowning around comes right from my heart! After all my exciting games, dancing, painting and balloon the kids will beg me to stay, because when I come to your party, the kids will never NOT want to play! Invite me to spread some DIMPLES cheek to cheek!


Hi! I am Dots the clown. I am a very bubbly clown that sure knows how to keep all the children busy for hours. With my fun games, dancing, magic, elaborate balloons and painting, the children will be begging for more. Let me party with your guests, to make your party one that NO ONE will ever forget!


Hi, I am Dazzle the clown! I am bright and fun just like my name, at every party I am on my A game! I love to play with the kids and keep them entertained with my games and dancing, face painting and balloon's will keep everybody prancing! It's time to party, can't wait to see you there, I'll bring the razzle and DAZZLE, tender love and care!


Hi, I am Sunshine the clown and your party will shine bright with me there! I love playing games and dancing too, face painting and balloons I also do! I am a performer at heart, that you will see right from the start! I can sing and dance, hey I do it all, with me your guests will have a ball! Everyone loves a bright sunny day, so call today and invite me to play!


Hi! I am cupcake the clown! They call me cupcake because I am as sweet and yummy, just as I look! My favorite thing to do is face paint all my friends and amaze them with my many creations! That's my specialty! I am also great at putting smiles on those precious faces with my balloon making skills! Have me at your next event to add lots and lots of sweetness!


Hi, I go by the name SMILES! With all my fun and games you shall see, everyone’s cheeks will be hurting because they can’t stop smiling with me! Painting and balloons I love to do, with smiles everyone will be in the party mood! Pick up the phone and dial, because I can’t wait to make your guests SMILE!


They call me firecracker the clown and just like my name I'll make your party pop! I'm loud and fun with so much to do, games and dancing, face painting and balloons too! I'll make your party sparkle and shine bright, invite me to your party and do it right!


I'm Sprinkles the clown and clowning around is my favorite thing to do, I love to play and keep the kids busy with silly games that are fun and new! I even do great face painting and balloons, when it comes to a party there’s nothing I can’t do! Top your event off with SPRINKLES and it will sure be the extra topping to a perfect party!